Spring Cleaning and the outdoors.

Do you need to reduce stress, or think positive? Spring is the time to clean dust and clutter from the far reaching corners of our home. Getting out the mop, bucket, dusters, and cleaning cloths can disperse the winter blues. Spring cleaning can give you a better attitude and reduce stress while making your house clean.
While cleaning your home is a necessary task, it is even more important to clean stress and negativity from your life and mind. Developing a positive attitude and positive thoughts will help you clear the stress and negativity from your life.

If you are having trouble dealing with stressful situations, you may find that Spring cleaning your mind and thought processes can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.

The following seven tips can help you de-stress through positive thinking:

  1. Eliminate anger. To effectively eliminate anger, process long-ago hurts, then let them go. Holding onto the past and present issues only hurt you and creates more stress.

Burying your anger will cause you undue stress, which can cause anger to grow. You can get rid of your anger by facing it head-on and finding solutions that will help you release it.

  1. Forgive. An important part of eliminating anger and achieving a sense of peace is to forgive those that hurt you, even if you feel that they don’t deserve your forgiveness.
  2. Keep a journal. My friend at Plumber Roswell does this and he says it works great. Positive thinking through journaling can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Writing down your thoughts can help even more. Look at your thoughts, dreams and goals every day and keep yourself on track to achieve them.

Put your list of goals and dreams somewhere you can constantly see it. To motivate you to achieve your goals, put major goals at the top of the list, and under them, smaller tasks that you Continue reading

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5 Facets of Great Outdoor Writing

As an internet business owner, you recognize the purpose of having article writing skills to produce unique content. It magnifies search engine rank results and thus drives traffic to your site. It offers an advantage to your potential customer and keeps them on your website reading through content and plunging further into the pages of your website – ideally to your product page. It also connects you to the reader in a personal way, fashioning a relationship that will with luck be long-lasting.

So it makes perfect sense that you want not merely to write content, but you should compose fantastic articles that influence and boost action. One of the keys to keeping your story writing skills up to par is not to take a literature or creative non-fiction writing class; it’s to plan your content before you craft it. My friend over at gutter cleaning Johns Creek GA is great at this.  A predefined framework can turn a jumbled article into an easy to read, value-driven masterwork.

Naturally, when people hear the word “outline” shivers shoot down their spine and they see their junior high teacher standing over them imposing structure upon them. If the word “draft” makes you recoil, then call it a layout or a strategy. You love to plan, right? You must; you are a business owner, and they are expert planners.

So what is included in an article plan?

Phase 1

Before anything else, you ‘ll need to begin with the subject of your article. What is it going to be about? You will also want to Continue reading

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